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USPS Approved Commercial Mailboxes


More Info About USPS Approved Commercial Mailboxes

Salsbury Industries carries a complete line of commercial mailboxes for U.S.P.S. delivery. Commercial mailboxes are designed for multi-tenant applications where the U.S. Postal Service will be delivering the mail to each bank of mailboxes. Choose from this group of products when the U.S. Postal Service will be delivering the mail. On front loading mailboxes, your local postal official will visit your site upon request and install a master postal lock that allows access to the unit by a U.S. Postal Service employee through one master door opening. Commercial mailboxes for U.S.P.S. delivery include cluster box units (CBUs), 4C horizontal mailboxes, 4B+ horizontal mailboxes, 4B+ vertical mailboxes and a variety of additional products. These products are commonly used in apartment complexes, commercial buildings, residential developments, condominiums and many other applications.


Outdoor Commercial Mailboxes


The cluster box unit (CBU) is the most popular mailbox designed for multi-tenant centralized outdoor mail delivery. Cluster mailboxes are United States Postal Service approved and are ideal for multi-family housing units, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, schools, colleges, government facilities, military bases, and other residential and commercial developments. 

CBUs include a pedestal and are available in 4, 8, 12, 13, and 16 mailbox door configurations (plus parcel lockers for package delivery). These units are extremely secure with heavy-duty cam locks and anti-fish plates to prevent mail tampering. Designed with elegance in mind, Salsbury Industries also offers regency decorative cluster mailboxes that come with a decorative top and decorative pedestal cover. Cluster box units are available in sandstone, bronze, white, green, black and gray. 





Wall-Mounted Commercial Mailboxes


4C horizontal mailboxes are the industry standard for recessed mounted centralized mail delivery. Unlike pedestal mounted mailboxes such as the CBU, 4C horizontal mailboxes are typically recessed into the wall. Salsbury Industries also offers 4C horizontal mailboxes in surface mounted and free-standing models. Available in aluminum, bronze, sandstone and black, 4C horizontal mailboxes are made of heavy-duty aluminum with stainless steel hardware and are ideal for commercial buildings, multi-family housing units, apartment complexes, government offices, military bases, universities, schools and other commercial and residential developments.  

Designed for replacement and retrofit installations, Salsbury 4B+ horizontal style commercial mailboxes are another commonly used wall mounted commercial mailbox. The Salsbury 4B+ horizontal style mailbox is made entirely of aluminum and is available as a recessed mounted unit. 4B+ mailboxes are also available as vertical units that come in 3-door, 4-door, 5-door, 6-door, and 7-door configurations. The 4B+ vertical mailboxes are available in aluminum, bronze and sandstone and can be purchased as recessed mounted or surface mounted units.





USPS Commercial Mailbox Requirements


USPS commercial mailbox requirements dictate that all new construction and major renovations must meet current USPS specifications. Commercial mailboxes for U.S.P.S. delivery include cluster box units (CBUs) and 4C horizontal mailboxes. 4B+ horizontal mailboxes and 4B+ vertical mailboxes can be used for retrofit applications only. All USPS approved mailbox products are commonly used in apartment complexes, commercial buildings, residential developments, condominiums and several other applications.  


Commercial Mailboxes for Sale


Salsbury industries offers a complete line of commercial mailboxes for multi-tenant applications.  Most orders ship within 1 to 2 business days and volume discounts are available. You can order your Salsbury commercial mailboxes via our customer service department or online. If you have any questions about our commercial mailboxes please contact us via email, online chat or toll free at 1-800-624-5269.