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Government & Military Mailboxes


More Info About Government & Military Mailboxes

Government and military mailbox systems play an important role in secure and efficient communications within any government or military organization. Like all our mailboxes, these specialized boxes are designed with close attention to construction, incorporating the strongest materials and security features. Government buildings and military installations rely on Salsbury Industries mailboxes as a means to quickly and efficiently exchange potentially sensitive information, documents, and correspondence.

Types of Government and Military Mailboxes

Mailboxes.com government and military mailboxes have the perfect blend of aesthetics and security. Our secure mailboxes include various options, including keyed locks, combination locks, padlocks, door identification, cabinets, and door slots. Whether looking for residential mailboxes for use on military bases or mailboxes for centralized mail delivery, Mailboxes.com can help you find the right system. Browse through our selection of government and military mailboxes below.


Made of heavy-duty steel and aluminum, cluster box units come in six colors and different door sizes. All units include pedestals.

Made of aluminum, these mailboxes are ideal for replacement, retrofit, or private mail distribution. This series comes in four colors, front or rear loading, with various door sizes and a variety of configurations per unit.

4C recessed mailboxes are made of heavy-duty aluminum and are ideal for USPS or private mail distribution. These come in four colors and different configurations and are offered in front or rear access loading styles.

These mailboxes deliver the same safety and durable features as the recessed line. The surface-mounted choice is low maintenance, and comes in a variety of configurations, sizes, and colors. The free-standing option is ideal when wall space is limited.

When extra security measures are called for and cell phones need to be locked away before entering secure areas, our cell phone lockers are a perfect choice. These units can hold phones, keys, and other personal items safely and securely.


Custom Government and Military Mailboxes

If you need customized government mailboxes, we can help you pick the correct mailbox for your needs. Mailboxes perfect for customization include 4C Mailboxes & 4B mailboxes and many other styles. We can help with any customization needs.

Questions about Government and Military Mailboxes? Contact Us Today

There are countless choices when it comes to government and military mailboxes. With strict security measures and possibly restricted access, you need a mailbox system that supports the housing of sensitive documents. From classified documents to inter-departmental memos and other government information, keep the lines of communication running smoothly with our military and government mailboxes. Contact us or request a quote or for more information. We’re here to help!

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Questions & Answers

Government & Military Mailboxes

What is a private mailbox?

A private mailbox is a mailbox that is delivered to by a non-USPS employee. Private mailboxes are commonly used in military bases, colleges, commercial buildings, private postal centers, government agencies, and several other applications.

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What is centralized mail delivery on a military location?

Centralized mail delivery is a mail delivery system in which mail for military personnel is delivered to one central location.

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Where can I buy military mailboxes?

Salsbury Industries carries a complete line of quality mailboxes for government and military facilities. Most items are in stock so you can get them right away to complete your project. Check them out here.

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What are the best government and military mailboxes for residences?

Salsbury Industries carries a wide variety of government and military mailboxes for residences. A cluster box unit (CBU) is a popular option for an outdoor mailbox and 4C mailboxes are known for their security and professional appearance in indoor applications. If you check out our products, you are sure to find the perfect mailbox to suit your specific needs.

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