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Private Commercial Mailboxes


More Info About Private Commercial Mailboxes

Salsbury Industries carries a complete line of commercial mailboxes for private distribution. Choose from this group of products when a private individual (non-U.S.P.S. employee) will be delivering the mail. On front loading mailboxes, your order will include a factory-installed master commercial lock that allows access to the unit through one master door opening.

Commercial mailboxes for private distribution are designed for multi-tenant applications and are available in aluminum style, 4C horizontal mailboxes, freestanding units, and a variety of other products. These products are commonly used in colleges, universities, private postal centers, commercial buildings, government agencies, military bases, and other applications.

Different Types of Salsbury Private Commercial Mailboxes

Private commercial mailboxes come in various sizes and shapes and can be freestanding or wall mounted, placed outside or in a lobby or other enclosure. Whatever your business demands, we've got a commercial mailbox that will blend in seamlessly with your operation.

Please review the options for private commercial mailboxes below and contact us for a quote or call for more information.


4C Horizontal Mailboxes

Salsbury 4C horizontal mailboxes are made of heavy-duty aluminum, are U.S.P.S approved, and are available as front or rear loading units. All 4C horizontal mailboxes meet the specifications of USPS-STD-4C.

  • 4C Recessed Mounted Mailboxes
  • 4C Surface Mounted Mailboxes
  • 4C Freestanding Mailboxes
  • 4C Custom Horizontal Mailboxes
  • 4C Horizontal Parcel Locker

Horizontal mailboxes come in four colors: aluminum, bronze, sandstone, and black. Custom colors are available as an option. Find more detailed information on all our customized options, including size, and we have design assistance if needed.


Aluminum Style Mailboxes

Aluminum mailboxes perform well under a wide variety of weather conditions, provide excellent security, and can withstand years of usage. Options for aluminum mailboxes include:


Free-standing Mailboxes

Free-standing mailboxes are an excellent choice for your commercial business. Freestanding mailboxes have solid, dependable features, including security and privacy. Free-standing mailboxes are used in dormitories, senior living communities, office parks, and other commercial campuses. Free-standing mailboxes can be installed indoors or out and many units can be customized. Our selection includes:

Specialty Products

Salsbury Industries offers additional products for commercial mailboxes that deliver convenience and security for business owners and clients. Our line of specialty products includes:

Parcel lockers, pedestals, and letter boxes are available in color options to match your choice of a mailbox. Name directories are available in aluminum and bronze finish. Lobby directories are available in black. Contact our team to help choose the right specialty product for your mailbox.

Replacement Locks

You may need to replace a lock or key on a commercial mailbox. We've got you covered and offer a variety of replacement locks, including key and single dial combination locks. A representative can help you find the right replacement.

Private Commercial Mailboxes for Buildings

Business owners expect their mail and clients' mail to be delivered and stored in a secure private mailbox. There are multiple options to choose from, and your type of business and location may play a part in which style of private commercial mailbox you choose.

Horizontal mailboxes are an excellent choice for various businesses and commercial properties. Our line is built with durable aluminum and comes in wall mounted, recessed mounted or free-standing units. Features include larger parcel lockers and custom options.

Private Commercial Mailboxes for Colleges

The mail area for colleges and universities is always a busy hub for students checking for mail and packages from family. Top choices for private commercial mailboxes for colleges include horizontal mailboxes. The horizontal mailbox system offers the most extensive array of configurations, private access, and different widths.


Private Commercial Mailboxes for Private Postal Centers

Choosing a commercial mailbox for a private postal center will depend on several factors - if the business is large or small, security needs, and the volume of packages and mail to be distributed.

Our mailbox configurator can help in determining your needs and requirements.

Custom Private Commercial Mailboxes

Sometimes the best option for a private commercial mailbox system may be custom. The 4C custom horizontal mailboxes can be used in various settings and come in front and rear loading options. These units are constructed of heavy-duty aluminum and stainless-steel hardware. Choose standard colors or for more customization, pick a color that matches your interior or exterior. Use our mailbox configurator to narrow down possibilities. Contact our team for help with your custom order.

Questions about Private Commercial Mailboxes? Contact Us Today

There are many possibilities in private commercial mailboxes for your business or college campus. At Salsbury Mailboxes, we have helpful tools to get you started.

Our mailbox configurator can help narrow down the number of mailboxes needed and other requirements. We also have extensive information on A.D.A. accessibility guidelines for commercial mailboxes and an entire resource library filled with helpful information.

But, sometimes, nothing compares to talking to a person who is highly knowledgeable in commercial mailboxes. We invite you to call us or try our live chat feature. We look forward to helping you choose the best private commercial mailbox for your business needs.

FAQ Categories

Questions & Answers

Private Commercial Mailboxes

What is the difference between a PO box and a private mailbox?

A PO box is a lockable mailbox located at a U.S. post office while a private mailbox has a street address and a private individual (non-USPS employee) delivers the mail.

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Can I just put up a mailbox?

If it is a private commercial mailbox you can, but if a USPS mail carrier will be delivering your mail, you need to make sure it meets USPS requirements.

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What’s considered a private mailbox?

A private mailbox is a mailbox that is serviced by a non-USPS employee. Private mailboxes are commonly used in universities, colleges, commercial buildings, private postal centers, military bases, government agencies, and several other applications.

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Who delivers to private mailboxes?

Private individuals (non-USPS employees) deliver to private mailboxes.

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Does USPS deliver to private mailboxes?

No, the USPS does not deliver to private mailboxes. Only non-USPS employees deliver to private mailboxes.

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What’s the difference between USPS Access and Private Access Mailboxes?

Products with a USPS access listing can be accessed by the USPS with an arrow lock and key. These products are designed to accept a USPS Arrow Lock for master access to the units. Products with a Private Access listing are not to be accessed by the USPS. Instead, a non-USPS employee accesses the mailbox and then distributes the mail.

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