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Community Mailboxes


More Info About Community Mailboxes

Salsbury Industries offers a quality line of mailboxes for residential developments. These products are available for both replacement and new installations. Products include standard cluster box units, Regency cluster box units, 4C Horizontal mailboxes and 4B Horizontal mailboxes.

What is a Community Mailbox?

In recent years, the U.S. Postal Service has required builders and developers to purchase and install centralized mail delivery systems wherever possible. These systems include community mailboxes that usually consist of one centralized unit of individually locked compartments for the delivery and collection of mail. This is often times referred to as a Cluster Box Unit or CBU.

Community mailboxes have the ability to provide better security and improved efficiency when it comes to mail delivery. With these types of mailboxes, incoming and outgoing mail is kept secure behind a locked door, making monitoring for theft much easier as well as helping improve mail delivery time, accuracy, and fuel efficiency.


Community Mailboxes for Residential Communities

Community mailboxes are great for residential communities such as neighborhoods, condos, and apartment buildings. These types of mailboxes give residents peace of mind that their mail is secure in these mailboxes while at the same time having a stylish and convenient place for incoming and outgoing mail. When it comes to community mailboxes for residential communities, there are different types of mailboxes available. You can choose from curbside multi-family mailboxes, cluster box units, 4C Horizontal mailboxes, or pedestal mailboxes.

Curbside multi-family mailboxes give each community the chance to make their mailbox match the aesthetics of their community. These mailboxes also work well when there is a form of centralized delivery in order to ensure that the mail pick-up experience is as seamless as possible for all residents.

Pedestal cluster box units and 4C Horizontal mailboxes are the only centralized mail delivery systems that are approved by USPS for new installations and major renovations. These mailboxes are preapproved and only need to be installed with USPS requirements in mind. Both mailboxes consist of a single cabinet that holds multiple horizontal customer compartments and usually have 1-2 parcel lockers for packages.


Community Mailboxes for Buildings

Community mailboxes are extremely beneficial for commercial buildings, such as apartment complexes, where there are many people living in one building. For these spaces, there are multiple options when it comes to community mailboxes.

Salsbury Industries has many options for commercial buildings that can be used in these spaces. There are Standard and Regency Decorative CBUs, 4C recessed mounted mailboxes, roadside mailboxes, 4C free-standing mailboxes, 4C surface mounted mailboxes and 4B horizontal mailboxes. Depending on the space you’re working with will help determine which type of mailbox will work best for your building.


Custom Private Community Mailboxes

If you’ve decided that community mailboxes will work best for your community, now it’s time to decide if you’re interested in having a customized community mailbox.

Salsbury Industries has a multitude of colors, sizes, design elements and custom engraving available for the different types of mailboxes we offer.

We have standard CBUs and Regency Decorative CBUs that both have different decorative elements and colors. For both styles, we offer sandstone, bronze, black, white, gray, and green color options. These mailboxes can allow any residential or commercial building to look distinctive through their mailbox style, while at the same time ensuring that the mail sent out and received is safe.

Community Mailboxes for Sale

Salsbury Industries offers a complete line of community mailboxes for sale. Large inventory of all 4C Mailboxes ensures fast shipping (most orders ship within 1-2 business days). You can order your Salsbury Mailboxes via our customer service department or online. Most bulk order sales are usually processed through our quote system. You can submit a quote by phone or online by clicking Bulk Order Requests.

Questions about Community Mailboxes? Contact Us Today

If you’re interested in learning more about community mailboxes or decided that it’s time to buy one unit or more of community mailboxes for a residential or commercial space, contact us today. Salsbury Industries has been in business since 1936 and is the industry leader in manufacturing and distributing quality and residential mailboxes.

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Questions & Answers

Community Mailboxes

What are community mailboxes?

An example of a community mailbox is a cluster box unit (CBU), which is a freestanding, pedestal-mounted mailbox that consists of multiple mailboxes and parcel compartments that can be locked individually.

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How does a community mailbox work?

The mail carrier has a master key to an Arrow Lock that allows them to access all compartments at once. After delivering the mail, the mail carrier will lock the CBU up and each tenant will retrieve their mail from their particular box with a key.

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How do I know who owns my community mailbox?

It depends on who installed the unit. Some units are bought and installed privately, while others are put there by the USPS. To find out whether your community mailbox is USPS-owned, you can contact your local post office.

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Who is responsible for group mailboxes?

According to USPS regulations, the property owners, builders, or developers are responsible for cluster mailboxes. The USPS’s Postal Operations Manual states, “Purchase, installation, and maintenance of mail receptacles are the responsibility of the customer.”

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Are community mailboxes safe?

Salsbury CBU’s are constructed of heavy-duty aluminum and stainless steel hardware that will keep your mail and packages safe and secure. The door to each mail compartment comes with a heavy-duty cam lock and includes three keys. There is also an anti-fish plate on the rear of the mail slot to prevent any tampering with outgoing mail. CBU’s include parcel lockers that will keep your packages safe from theft.

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Can I move my community mailbox?

You may be able to move your community mailbox, but it must be in a location that is readily accessible by the mail carrier. Contact your local post office to check for any necessary approvals and/or regulations that might apply to your specific community mailbox location.

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