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Buyer's Guide



envelopes1Who will deliver your mail?

Salsbury Industries provides commercial mailboxes for
both U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Access and Private Access.


USPS Access - Choose from this group of products when the U.S. POSTAL SERVICE will be delivering the mail.  Your local postmaster will visit your site and install a master postal lock (when applicable) that allows access to the unit by a U.S. Postal Service employee through one master door opening.

Private Access - Choose from this group of products when a PRIVATE individual (non-USPS employee) will be delivering the mail.  Your order will include a factory installed master commercial lock (when applicable) that allows access to the unit through one master door opening.  




How will the mailboxes be installed?

Are you looking for mailboxes that will be mounted on a pedestal or ones that will be installed into a wall? The pedestal style mailboxes are ideal for up to 16 tenants and are easily installed outdoors to concrete. The wall mount mailboxes can accommodate more tenants. If you don’t have the wall space and depth for the wall mount units, some units can be surface mounted. Another installation option is taking the 4C models and putting them into mail stations and creating an outdoor mail center.



How many mailbox compartments do you need?


How many total tenant doors do you need? This may be the biggest question of all since this will determine really what your options are. Not only should you be aware of how many doors you need but also how much space you have to put that amount of doors in.


Would you like custom numbering / lettering for your mailboxes?



Other things to consider include numbering options. Our commercial mailboxes can have custom numbering done. Address tags can be made or the numbering can be engraved onto the doors. Also our commercial mailboxes have a variety of door sizes and compartment configurations allowing you to have total customization of your product.


How do I configure mailboxes
and parcel lockers for my project?


With many colors, configurations and installation types (recessed mounted, surface mounted, free-standing and pedestal mounted) to choose from, the 4C horizontal mailbox product line offers a wide array of options to design a centralized mail delivery system. Whether you’re looking to maximize your wall space or are designing a mailroom with ADA accessibility guidelines in mind, our Mailbox Configurator will help you determine the optimal number of mailboxes and parcel lockers needed based on your specific requirements. A detailed summary with elevations, rough opening dimensions, sample installation instructions, model numbers, and other useful information is provided.




What is Standard USPS-STD-4C?

The United States Postal Service addressed the shape of mailbox compartments and the demand for more secure mail and parcel delivery with a new standard, USPS-STD-4C. This standard replaces the traditional cube style compartments with more flat style compartments as well as incorporates fully integrated or stand-alone parcel locker options into the mailbox. A minimum of one parcel locker is required for every five (5) tenant compartments. Parcel lockers are not required in installation sites with less than ten (10) tenant compartments. Salsbury Industries 3700 series 4C standard and custom high security horizontal mailboxes and fully integrated and stand-alone parcel lockers have been USPS approved and meet the specifications of USPS-STD-4C. This standard requires that 4C horizontal mailboxes and parcel lockers be installed in all new construction projects and major remodels effective October 2006.




What is Standard USPS-STD-4B+?

The demand for improved mailbox security prompted the United States Postal Service to develop this standard. This standard requires manufacturers to strengthen and improve the master door (arrow lock compartment) on horizontal style apartment house mail receptacles (3600 series) and vertical style apartment house mail receptacles (3500 series). All Salsbury Industries 3600 and 3500 series mailboxes are USPS approved and in full compliance with the requirements of USPS-STD-4B+. These 4B+ vertical and 4B+ horizontal mailboxes are approved for replacement and/or retrofit installations effective October 2006. For new construction or major remodels, 4C horizontal mailboxes (3700 series) are required.