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4B+ Vertical Mailboxes


More Info About 4B+ Vertical Mailboxes

Salsbury vertical style commercial mailboxes are ideal for apartments, condominiums and office buildings and are designed for replacement and retrofit installations. Made entirely of aluminum, Salsbury 3500 series USPS approved 4B vertical mailboxes feature a durable powder coated finish available in three (3) contemporary colors, aluminum, bronze or sandstone. Vertical mailboxes are available as surface mounted or recessed mounted units. Surface mounted units are designed to be mounted on a wall or other flat surface. Recessed mounted units are designed to fit into a rough opening. Units feature 5-1/2” W x 16-1/4” H extruded aluminum doors. Each door includes a five (5) pin cylinder cam lock with two (2) keys and a 2-1/2” W x 5/8” H indentation to accommodate a label (included) identifying the tenant’s name and/or box number. Mailboxes are available in units with three (3) to seven (7) compartments. Each compartment is 6-3/4'' D.