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4B+ Vertical Mailboxes


More Info About 4B+ Vertical Mailboxes

Salsbury 4B+ Vertical Mailboxes are ideal for apartments, condominiums, and office buildings and are designed for replacement and retrofit installations. Made entirely of aluminum, Salsbury 3500 series USPS approved 4B+ vertical mailboxes feature a durable powder-coated finish in three contemporary colors: aluminum, bronze, or sandstone.

Vertical mailboxes are available as Surface-Mounted Mailboxes designed to be mounted on a wall or other flat surface. They are also available as Recessed-Mounted Mailboxes intended to fit into a rough opening. Units feature 5-1/2” W x 16-1/4” H extruded aluminum doors. Each mailbox unit has three to seven compartments measuring 6-3/4'' deep. The doors of the mailboxes are equipped with a five-pin cylinder cam lock and two keys. Furthermore, a 2-1/2” W x 5/8” H indentation on each door holds a label that identifies the tenant's name and/or box number.


Types of 4B+ Vertical Mailboxes

The 4B+ Vertical Mailboxes have a wide selection of vertical mailbox types, from Surface-Mounted to Recessed-Mounted. Salsbury Industries offers a variety of USPS Approved Vertical Mailboxes so that you can select the size, color, and features you require for your location or business needs.

4B+ Vertical Mailbox Features

All Vertical Commercial Mailboxes and Vertical Apartment Mailboxes are U.S.P.S. approved for replacement and retrofit installations. Salsbury Industries manufactures them to USPS-STD-4B+ specifications, made entirely of aluminum, and features doors and trim striated to resist scratching.


4B+ Vertical Mailbox Sizes

Vertical mailboxes are offered with 3-door, 4-door, 5-door-, 6-door, and 7-door options. Mailboxes with three to seven compartments are available. Recessed-Mounted and Surface Mounted Letter Boxes are also available and come in a unit size of 15" W x 19" H x 6-3/4" D with a rough opening of 13-3/4" W x 17-3/4" H x 6-3/4" D, and feature a 11-1/2" W x 3/4" H mail slot.



4B+ Vertical Mailbox Colors

Salsbury Industries 4B+ Vertical Mailboxes have a durable and attractive powder coat finish and are available in various colors, including aluminum, bronze, and sandstone. Find the Vertical Mailboxes color options that look best with your apartment, condominium, or commercial building.

Vertical Mailboxes for Sale

Salsbury Industries offers a complete line of 4B+ Vertical Mailboxes for sale. We carry a large inventory of Vertical Mailboxes that allows us to ship them to you quickly (most orders ship within 1-2 business days). You can order your factory direct Salsbury Vertical Mailboxes via our customer service department or online. Most bulk order sales are usually processed through our quote system. You can submit a quote by phone or online by clicking Bulk Order Requests.

Questions About 4B+ Vertical Mailboxes? Contact Us Today

Salsbury Industries has been manufacturing quality products since 1936. Our team has extensive knowledge about 4B+ Vertical Mailboxes and is eager to support you with any questions about 4B+ Vertical Mailboxes. Let us help you find the best modern vertical mailboxes to fit your needs. Feel free to contact us to learn more or request a quote today!