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The Most Secure Commercial Mailboxes for Your Facility

January 25, 2024

Whether you own or manage an office, residential building, or commercial development, one important aspect to consider is the mailboxes. People receive important documents in the mail like bills and letters containing personal information. Not to mention correspondence like wedding invitations, holiday cards, and other pieces of mail that hold great sentimental value.


As the manager or owner of your facility, it is your responsibility to select mailboxes that will keep your tenants’ mail safe and secure. But it can be difficult to be sure which mailboxes will provide the highest level of security and will best meet your tenants’ needs. In this article, we will discuss the definition of a secure commercial mailbox, different types of secure commercial mailboxes, indoor and outdoor mailboxes, regulations, why security is so important, and where you can buy secure commercial mailboxes.


By the time you are finished reading, you will be an expert on secure commercial mailboxes. You’ll be more than ready to purchase ones that will protect your tenants’ mail from criminals out to steal their hard-earned cash or identities.


What is a Secure Commercial Mailbox?


You may be wondering what exactly a commercial mailbox is. A commercial mailbox is simply a kind of mailbox that allows a mail carrier to deliver mail and packages to multiple tenants in a single centralized location. These mailboxes are commonly used in commercial buildings, apartment complexes, condominiums, residential developments, and many other applications.




Centralized mail delivery has many advantages. It is far more efficient for postal workers since they are able to make just one stop to deliver the mail instead of several. This also saves on fuel costs and is better for the environment. With a commercial mailbox, each compartment locks, which provides greater security.


These mailboxes also include spacious parcel lockers that will keep your tenants’ packages safe and undamaged. When you receive a package, the mail carrier will place the key to the parcel locker in your compartment. When you unlock the parcel locker to retrieve your package, the key will lock in place and can only be removed by the mail carrier. This process ensures that your tenants’ packages will be protected.


Types of Secure Commercial Mailboxes


Salsbury Industries carries several different types of commercial mailboxes that will provide your tenants with a high level of security. Here are the types of secure commercial mailboxes we offer:


Cluster Box Units


A cluster box unit (CBU) is a freestanding, pedestal-mounted mailbox that includes multiple mailbox compartments and parcel lockers that can lock individually. All Salsbury Standard CBUs come equipped with your choice of four, eight, twelve, thirteen, or sixteen mailbox compartments with one, two, or four fully integrated parcel lockers. The Salsbury Cluster Mailbox 3300 Series is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum and stainless steel hardware, which is sure to prevent damage and keep out would-be thieves. Check out our CBUs here.


Wall Mounted Mailboxes


We also carry several varieties of wall-mounted mailboxes:


4C horizontal mailboxes are required for new construction and major renovations and are well-suited for commercial buildings, apartment complexes, multi-family housing units, schools, colleges, government and military bases, and other residential and commercial developments. Our USPS-approved 4C mailboxes are extremely secure with built-in heavy-duty cam locks and anti-fish plates to prevent tampering. You can peruse our selection of 4C horizontal mailboxes here.


We have 4B vertical mailboxes available as well. They are designed for replacement and retrofit installations and are ideal for office buildings, apartments, and condominiums. So if you’re not planning to make any significant changes to the rough opening where the previous mailboxes were installed, this type of mailbox could be a good fit for your facility. Click here to check out our selection of 4B vertical mailboxes.


Salsbury 4B horizontal style commercial mailboxes are also designed for replacement and retrofit installations. Salsbury 3600 series 4B horizontal mailboxes are made entirely of aluminum and feature a durable powder coated finish. These mailboxes are recessed mounted and are available as front loading units or rear loading units. You can explore these mailboxes here.





Parcel Lockers


A parcel locker is a lockable compartment designed for packages that won’t fit in a standard mailbox compartment. As mentioned above, parcel lockers are a hassle-free and secure way for your tenants to receive their packages. In addition to the parcel lockers that come built-in to our commercial mailboxes, you can also purchase parcel lockers on their own. CBU outdoor parcel lockers (OPLs) make it convenient for tenants to receive packages and are fit with a two key security system. You can find more information about our OPLs here.



We also carry 4C parcel lockers. You can choose from recessed mounted parcel lockers, wall mounted parcel lockers, and free-standing parcel lockers. They are all constructed of heavy-duty aluminum and stainless steel hardware that will keep your tenants’ packages safe. They come in aluminum, bronze, sandstone, and black—between these options, you are sure to find a look that will suit your facility. Peruse our 4C parcel lockers here.


Best Secure Commercial Mailbox for Your Facility


As you try to decide on the best secure commercial mailboxes for your facility, one factor to consider is whether you want your mailboxes to be indoors or outdoors. Indoor mailboxes generally make the most sense in office and apartment buildings, while outdoor parcel lockers are well-suited to residential developments and multifamily housing. Where you choose to place your facility’s mailboxes will depend on your tenants’ particular needs. No matter what you choose, Salsbury Industries will be able to help you find the perfect mailboxes.





If you’re looking for an indoor mailbox, 4C horizontal mailboxes could be a great fit. As said, 4C horizontal mailboxes are required for new construction and major renovations. So unless you are planning to use a rough opening in the wall where a previous mailbox already was without making significant changes to it, you’ll need to get 4C mailboxes for your facility.






But if you do plan to use your new mailbox for an indoor retrofit and replacement application, then 4B horizontal mailboxes or 4B vertical mailboxes may be the right choice. If you’re planning on placing your mailbox indoors, you can also install 4C horizontal parcel lockers to provide extra space for packages. 4C mailboxes and parcel lockers are constructed of heavy-duty aluminum and stainless steel hardware, while 4B horizontal and vertical mailboxes are made entirely of aluminum. Tough materials like these stand up well to any tampering attempts.



If you’re planning to place your secure commercial mailbox outdoors, CBUs are the way to go. They’re free-standing, which makes for easy installation. You can also place them in a highly trafficked, well-lit area that won’t attract thieves. These mailboxes will make an attractive addition to your development—the Regency Decorative Cluster Mailboxes in particular will add a touch of class. OPLs were specifically designed for outdoor use and will give your tenants more space for their packages if needed. These mailboxes and parcel lockers are all made of heavy-duty aluminum that will keep mail and packages secure.


Regulations for Secure Commercial Mailboxes




When picking out secure commercial mailboxes for your facility, it is crucial that the mailbox meets USPS regulations. Salsbury’s 4C Recessed Mounted Mailbox and CBUs meet or exceed all USPS requirements. To learn more about United States Postal Service Mailbox regulations and specifications, visit this page.


You may choose to install a private commercial secure mailbox in your facility, where a private individual will be delivering the mail instead of a USPS employee. Salsbury Industries carries a complete line of commercial mailboxes for private distribution. Our aluminum style private mailboxes provide excellent security. You can peruse our private commercial mailboxes here.


The Importance of Commercial Secure Mailboxes


When you are looking to invest in a commercial mailbox for your facility, you need to be sure that the mailbox is secure. Here are just a few of the reasons why mailbox security is so important:


Identity Protection

One reason to ensure that your mailbox is secure is to protect your tenants from identity theft. Incidents of identity theft and related fraud rose nationwide in 2021, according to the FTC, with identity theft complaints rising by 3.3 percent to just over 1.43 million. If identity thieves get their hands on your tenants’ mail, they could potentially gain access to personal information that would enable them to steal your tenants’ identities. This sort of thing ruins lives and such an incident would make people less likely to want to live or work in your facility.


Protect Your Mail and Packages

Personal information isn’t the only valuable thing in your mailbox. Mail can contain checks and cash, as well as important pieces of correspondence. Packages often contain products that tenants use their hard-earned money to acquire and are looking forward to receiving. Sometimes these packages are gifts and it hurts even worse when they are stolen. People leave reviews of facilities online and you don’t want yours to gain a reputation for stolen mail and packages.

Where to Buy Secure Commercial Mailboxes


If you need to purchase a secure commercial mailbox for your facility, look no further than Salsbury Industries. Our commercial mailboxes are made of heavy-duty materials that will make it difficult for criminals to break into them. These units have heavy-duty cam locks and anti-fish plates to prevent mail tampering. Parcel lockers also offer a secure way for your tenants to receive packages.


Now that you know a bit more about commercial mailboxes and the most secure ones available, you should be able to choose the right mailbox for your facility with ease. Click here to check out our wide selection of secure commercial mailboxes today.