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Parcel Lockers


More Info About Parcel Lockers

Ideal for commercial and residential developments, Salsbury Outdoor parcel lockers (OPL's) and 4C Horizontal Parcel Lockers offer tenants a convenient and secure way to receive packages on site. Salsbury Industries is officially licensed and authorized by the U.S. Postal Service to manufacture USPS approved Parcel Lockers and Cluster Box Units.



Outdoor Parcel Lockers (OPL’s)

If you intend to install parcel lockers outdoors, we offer Outdoor Parcel Lockers (OPLs). Made of heavy-duty aluminum, OPL’s are available in sandstone, bronze, green, black, white, and gray. Each outdoor parcel locker includes a matching pedestal for easy installation. Ideal for both commercial and residential projects, these parcel lockers enhance package security in any development. Explore our stylish Regency Decorative Outdoor Parcel Lockers for an elegant upgrade.


4C Parcel Lockers

Salsbury 4C Parcel Lockers adhere to USPS-STD-4C standards, which mandate at least one parcel locker for every five tenant compartments. Constructed from durable aluminum, Salsbury 4C Horizontal Parcel Lockers offer secure package storage, making them perfect for new construction and major renovations. Available in aluminum, bronze, sandstone, and black, these units are available in multiple sizes and configurations.


Parcel Lockers for Sale

Salsbury industries offers a complete line of USPS approved parcel lockers for sale. These units are required to receive packages delivered by the USPS. Salsbury Parcel Lockers are offered factory direct and usually ship within 1 to 2 business days and volume discounts are available. You can order parcel lockers via our customer service department or online. If you have any questions about our parcel lockers or mailboxes please contact us via email, online chat or toll free at 1-800-624-5269.