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The Benefits to Buying Apartment Mailboxes from Salsbury Industries

February 22, 2024

Whether you’re seeking mailboxes for your new apartment building or simply replacing the old ones, it can be difficult to know where to buy them. After all, you want to offer your tenants the most efficient, convenient, and secure mailboxes possible. That way, you will keep both your tenants and the mail carriers happy.


Fortunately, Salsbury Industries carries a complete line of apartment mailboxes for USPS delivery. You can choose from Cluster Box Units (CBUs), 4C horizontal mailboxes, 4B vertical mailboxes, and 4B horizontal mailboxes. These mailboxes will provide the security and ease of use that your tenants are looking for, and the accessibility your mail carriers will appreciate. Salsbury also offers many resources that will make the process of purchasing and installing your mailboxes much simpler.




What is an Apartment Mailbox?


An apartment mailbox is a centralized mailbox designed for multi-tenant applications. It includes multiple mail compartments and parcel lockers and allows your tenants to all receive their mail in one convenient location. Salsbury apartment mailboxes are available in a variety of sizes depending on the application.




We carry a wide selection of different types of USPS-approved apartment mailboxes. Our 4C horizontal mailboxes are required for new construction. Cluster mailboxes are freestanding mailboxes on pedestals and come in five color types: sandstone, bronze, white, green, and black. These mailboxes are also available in a Regency style with a decorative top and pedestal. Salsbury 4B horizontal style mailboxes are designed for replacement and retrofit installations and feature a durable powder coated finish. Salsbury 4B vertical mailboxes are also designed for replacement and retrofit installations and are available as surface mounted or recessed mounted units.


If you’re planning to have your mail delivered to a private mailbox by a non-USPS employee, you can check out our private commercial mailboxes here.


The Security and Privacy Salsbury Industries Apartment Mailboxes Provide


One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for apartment mailboxes is the level of security and privacy those mailboxes provide. Efficient and secure mail delivery is essential, particularly in apartment complexes. Apartment buildings can gain a reputation when mail or packages are stolen, and it will make tenants less likely to want to live there. With an apartment building, packages that won’t fit in the mailbox are often left sitting in the lobby or even outside where anyone could take them. Giving your tenants a safe way to keep their mail and packages secure will help to make their experience as a resident a positive one.


Salsbury apartment mailboxes feature individual lockable compartments, as well as an anti-fish plate on the rear of the mail slot to prevent tampering with outgoing mail. These mailboxes include parcel lockers where mail carriers can place packages that are too large to fit in a mail compartment. Like the compartments, these parcel lockers lock. When a tenant receives a package, the mail carrier places a parcel locker key in their secure mail compartment. After the tenant picks up the package, the parcel locker key can only be removed by the mail carrier—a system that keeps tenants’ packages well-protected.


With our mailboxes’ high-quality locks, your tenants will be able to rest easy knowing that their confidential personal information is safe from identity thieves. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, these mailboxes will also stand up well to any criminals trying to break in. If you purchase a Salsbury mailbox for your apartment building, it will give your residents peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their mail and packages.






Salsbury Industries Apartment Mailboxes are Compliant with Postal Regulations


If you are planning to have your mail delivered by the USPS, you need to make sure that your mailboxes are compliant with USPS regulations. Salsbury Industries carries a complete line of apartment mailboxes that are USPS-approved.


So if you purchase Salsbury apartment mailboxes, you won’t have to worry about fines and penalties that could result from your mailbox not meeting USPS standards. You can look forward to smooth delivery and avoid any pesky interruptions that would be sure to result in some complaints from your residents.


For more information on USPS mailbox regulations and specifications, click here.


Apartment Mailbox Design Assistance



Another exciting aspect of going with Salsbury Industries is the apartment mailbox design assistance that will be available to you. On our Architectural Resources page, we provide a complete library of Mailbox Revit files, Mailbox AutoCAD blocks, and Mailbox SPECS in order to make the design process easier. We also offer additional product information like installation instructions and technical drawings.


You can make use of our 4C and CBU Mailbox Configurator as well. It will help you to determine the optimal number of mailboxes and parcel lockers you need based on your specific requirements. The Mailbox Configurator will provide you with a summary including elevations, rough opening dimensions, sample installation instructions, model numbers, and other useful information.


We are known for our top-notch customer service as well. Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-624-5269 with any questions. We also have a Live Chat option available on mailboxes.com where you can click “Live Chat” in the lower right-hand corner and type in your inquiry. Then one of our Customer Service representatives will help you find the solution to your problem. Our Contact Us page includes even more ways to get in touch with concerns about any obstacles you may encounter along the way.


Salsbury Industries Manufactures and Sells Direct


A huge advantage you have with Salsbury Industries is that we manufacture apartment mailboxes and sell them directly to you. We operate in over 600,000 square feet in the greater Los Angeles area where our ISO 9001:2015 certified vertically integrated manufacturing facilities and quality control procedures allow us to efficiently produce components that are machined, powder coated, assembled, packaged, and shipped from our facilities. Salsbury Industries employees assemble all the products we manufacture and inspect them fully before shipping.


We are able to offer cost savings on bulk orders and quality assistance throughout the buying process. Salsbury won’t leave you high and dry after you make the purchase either—we are happy to provide ongoing support. Since there’s no middleman involved here, we have the ability to ensure that our products are delivered on time.


Purchasing mailboxes for your apartment building or complex can be a stressful process. But hopefully, you now see the many benefits of buying your mailboxes from Salsbury Industries. Click here to check out our apartment mailboxes and select one that will make both you and your tenants feel secure and at ease.