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Salsbury Industries Fast Delivery of Commercial and Residential Mailboxes

June 02, 2022

Since the start of the pandemic, supply chain issues have been extending lead times for most consumer products. Customers have been left waiting for days, weeks, and sometimes even months for orders. This is a huge inconvenience and leaves customers less than happy with their service. Fortunately, Salsbury Industries has been able to continue to guarantee very fast delivery of commercial mailboxes and residential mailboxes.

Since the company’s founding in 1936, Salsbury’s goal has been to serve each customer with red carpet service. This means delivering customers’ products in a timely manner. Here’s a breakdown of why it’s so important to receive your mailboxes fast, how Salsbury is able to deliver mailboxes so quickly, and how long lead times typically are for each product.

Why is it so important to get your mailboxes fast?

There are a few different reasons why fast mailbox delivery is essential. One is that mailboxes—especially curbside mailboxes—are prone to damage. A driver on an icy road could swerve into one, or a group of kids might vandalize it. Luckily, curbside mailboxes are designed to collapse when struck by vehicles so as to minimize the risk of personal injury. But this situation will leave you with the need to replace the damaged mailbox quickly, especially if you are a property manager.



Another situation where quick delivery is key is if you are a contractor. Contractors tend to purchase commercial mailboxes at the end of building the development. They will need the mailboxes to arrive promptly so that they are able to meet their deadline. Quick delivery will ensure that installing a development’s mailboxes will be quick and efficient.

You don’t have to be a property manager or a contractor to be inconvenienced by slow mailbox delivery. Residents are unable to receive mail if their mailbox is not installed. When a resident does not have a mailbox, they usually pick up their mail at the local post office.

How is Salsbury Industries able to deliver my mailbox so quickly?

With supply chain issues plaguing other companies, you may be wondering how Salsbury Industries has managed to continue to offer such fast delivery of commercial and residential mailboxes. One reason is that with over 600,000 square feet of facilities, Salsbury is able to house a large inventory of cluster mailboxes and 4C horizontal mailboxes. Whether your mailboxes are commercial or residential, we will most likely have the product you need in stock.


Our state-of-the-art equipment and operations also allow us to manufacture, store, and distribute our products faster than any other company. Our ISO 9001:2015 Certified vertically integrated manufacturing facilities and quality control procedures enable us to efficiently produce components that are machined, powder coated, assembled, packaged, and shipped from our facilities. Salsbury Industries uses a complete line of machinery and equipment including precision water jet cutting, robotic welding, CNC turret punching, high speed sawing, press braking, milling, drilling, deburring, and state-of-the-art powder coating lines.

With our cutting-edge equipment and spacious facilities, we will be able to get your mailboxes to you in no time at all. Read on to learn more about Salsbury’s lead times for specific products.


What are the lead times for Salsbury Mailboxes? 


Depending on which product you’ve selected, Salsbury will have a different lead time. If you are looking for a free-standing, attractive mailbox to add a touch of class to your residential community, you may be in the market for a cluster mailbox, or one of our sophisticated Regency®cluster mailboxes. Your community may also benefit from outdoor parcel lockers. The typical lead time for cluster mailboxes, Regency® cluster mailboxes, and outdoor parcel lockers is one to two business days.

USPS STD-4C horizontal mailboxes are required for new construction and major renovations. A “major renovation” is any situation in which the condition of the wall is being modified where the existing wall-mounted mailboxes are currently installed. The typical lead time for 3700 recessed mounted, 3800 surface mounted and 3900 free-standing 4C series mailboxes is one to two weeks.

If you’re replacing your mailbox with the same type of mailbox or doing repairs, 4B mailboxes are designed for replacement and retrofit installations. Salsbury vertical style commercial mailboxes are ideal for condominiums, apartments, and office buildings. 3500 series vertical mailboxes are typically delivered within one to two days. The lead time for 3600 series 4B horizontal mailboxes is typically one to two weeks.

Salsbury Industries also carries a wide array of residential mailboxes. We offer post mounted Heavy Duty Rural Mailboxes and locking Roadside Mailboxes. If you’re ordering any type of residential mailbox, it will generally ship in just one to two days.

In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever that you can count on fast delivery of your mailboxes. Whether your current mailbox has been damaged or you’re installing mailboxes in a new development, you need your mailboxes delivered in a timely manner. Salsbury Industries will be able to get your mailboxes to you quickly with the red carpet service we are famous for. Click here to purchase the mailboxes you need and you’ll receive them before you know it.