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When Should I Replace My Mailbox? - A Guide to Replacing a Mailbox

September 07, 2022

One essential feature of every home is the mailbox. It’s where you receive correspondence like your invitation to your best friend’s wedding, a photo of your sister’s newborn baby, your bank statement, and your phone bill. It’s also what you use to send mail out—like the RSVP to that wedding invitation, or a check to pay your bill.

Residential mailboxes serve those functions as well as keeping your packages safe and secure. This means both protection from harsh weather conditions and theft. There’s nothing worse than seeing your hard-earned dollars go down the drain when you find a package damaged or missing entirely.

The aesthetic aspect of your mailbox is important too. It is the first part of your house a neighbor will see as they pass by, or a guest sees when coming to visit. You want a mailbox that is attractive and in good condition so that your home leaves a good impression.

It’s possible that your mailbox has been looking a little run-down and you’re wondering if you should replace it. Here is a guide to help you decide whether or not to replace your old mailbox with a newer model.

Top Warning Signs You Should Replace Your Mailbox

Replacing your mailbox can be expensive, and there’s also the time and effort involved with the installation process. So before you start looking for a new mailbox, you should investigate whether your current mailbox really needs to be replaced.

Here are the top warning signs that you should replace your mailbox.

Broken or Damaged

A common reason for replacing a mailbox is that the mailbox is broken or damaged. Is your flag missing or broken? Does your door open and shut correctly? A missing or broken flag could impact whether your outgoing mail is able to be collected—you may even receive a message from the post office asking you to replace your mailbox to ensure proper collection and delivery. A door that doesn’t open properly can make it difficult to get to your mail. If your door doesn’t shut right, then your mail will be exposed to rain, tampering, and theft.


Similarly, if your mailbox is dented or covered in rust, it will be difficult to deal with for both you and your mail carrier. A dent in the side could mean that your mail may not fit well in the box, which will make it tough for the mail carrier to deliver and for you to collect. Rust can make a mailbox difficult to open, further complicating the mail delivery process.

If this sounds like your mailbox, it is definitely time to get a new one. Your mail carrier will thank you!

Mailbox is a Roadside Hazard

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure that people on and around your property are safe. If your mailbox projects into the road, a driver could easily hit it and they could get seriously injured.

The material your post is made out of could also be a problem. According to U.S. Postal Service regulations, homeowners should avoid using any posts that are unyielding. Posts should be stable but should fall away or bend if a car crashes into them. 

If your mailbox is a roadside hazard, you are risking both the safety of others and a potential liability case. So if this describes your mailbox, you should have it replaced right away. After all, the cost of a new mailbox is far lower than hiring a lawyer, or worse, paying a judgment on a lawsuit. 


Unable to Keep Mail Safely Secure

If you have an older mailbox, it likely lacks the safety features of more modern mailboxes. Mail and package theft have become a huge concern in recent years no matter where you live, and we’ve already covered the types of valuable items inside your mailbox at any given moment. You could order an expensive pair of shoes from Amazon or some fancy jewelry, only to find it missing when you receive a message saying your package has been delivered.

It is not worth risking the theft of your mail and packages. If you have an old mailbox with little security (particularly if it’s a damaged mailbox with a door that doesn’t close properly), you should seriously consider upgrading to a locking mailbox.

Salsbury Industries offers many locking mailboxes to choose from, which you can check out here.

Losing Its Curb Appeal

While there are many arguably more serious reasons for replacing your mailbox, another is just that the mailbox is plain ugly. Why should you have to live with an eyesore right outside your house? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to upgrade to a nicer-looking mailbox with more curb appeal.


You spend time keeping up with your lawn and garden so that they are a pleasant sight for your friends and neighbors. You meticulously picked out the perfect lawn furniture and décor. So why would you let everyone see your old, worn-out mailbox first?

If you feel that your unattractive mailbox is dragging down the aesthetic of your home’s appearance, that is a perfectly good reason to replace it with a newer model that better matches the look of your home.

Where to Buy New Mailboxes

After weighing your options and considering the warning signs, you have decided that it’s time to replace your mailbox. Now what? The options available to buy new mailboxes online can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Salsbury Industries carries a complete line of residential mailboxes and mailbox posts. Curbside residential mailboxes are all USPS approved and their attractive look will add curb appeal to your home.

Salsbury Industries offers a wide variety of Post Mounted Mailboxes, Wall Mounted Mailboxes, and Locking Mailboxes. Post Mounted Mailboxes are designed for curbside delivery and come in locking and non-locking styles. Locking Mailboxes will keep your mail safe from thieves and tampering. The many options for different styles and colors available will ensure that you will be able to find the perfect mailbox to replace your old, rundown one.

Click here to check out Salsbury Industries’ line of residential mailboxes and start your search for the ideal replacement mailbox today.