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What is a Parcel Locker?

July 21, 2022

When you own a multifamily building or residential development, package delivery can be a big concern. Tenants might worry that their packages will be stolen, or that they’ll have to trek across town to the post office to retrieve them if they’re not home when packages arrive. Fortunately, parcel lockers will solve many of these issues. A parcel locker is a lockable unit where mail carriers can leave larger items that won’t fit in a standard mailbox.

Here is a breakdown of how parcel lockers work, how to get your packages out of one, the benefits of using one, who can deliver to them, and the types of parcel lockers you can purchase.

How Do Parcel Lockers Work?

Parcel lockers are often attached to Cluster Box Mailboxes (CBUs), either alongside them and/or with them. When a mail carrier is unable to fit a package into a standard mailbox slot, they will place your package in a parcel locker. Instead of having to be at home to receive your package, it will be right there waiting for you in a spacious locker where it won’t get damaged. You also won’t have to run the risk of your mail being damaged by being jammed in with a large package.




If you look up the USPS tracking number for your package online, you will see a message like “Delivered to Parcel Locker” when your delivery arrives. You will also be notified of a package’s delivery by the parcel locker key the mail carrier will leave in your mailbox. Then all you need to do is collect your package from the parcel locker, which we will discuss in the next section. Regardless of the size or style of your parcel lockers, your USPS mail carrier will be able to efficiently distribute packages to your apartment or home without the need for multiple delivery attempts.

How Do I Get My Package Out of a Parcel Locker?

To get your package out of the parcel locker, you simply need to use the key the mail carrier has left in your mailbox to unlock it. The key will have a tag that indicates which locker contains your package.

Once you have unlocked the parcel locker and retrieved your package, the key capture system will secure the parcel locker key in place so that it can’t be removed. Only a USPS mail carrier will be able to remove the key with a master key. This ensures that only you and the mail carrier will have access to your package.


Benefits of Using A Parcel Locker

There are many benefits to using a parcel locker. One is that they are very simple to use. The mail carrier conveniently leaves the parcel locker key in your mailbox and all you have to do is unlock the parcel locker indicated on the key’s tag to retrieve your package. You don’t have to worry about returning the parcel locker key to the post office—the mail carrier will simply remove it from the lock with their master key.

Another huge benefit of using a parcel locker is that it keeps tenants’ packages safe. Instead of leaving a package in your lobby or outside where anyone could take it, the mail carrier is able to deliver your packages to a secure, lockable locker. This lock can only be opened by the corresponding parcel locker key. The key will be placed in your secure, locking mailbox by the postal carrier. These spacious parcel lockers ensure that there will be enough space for your items without them getting damaged.


For mail carriers and recipients, parcel lockers also help to save time. Instead of attempting to get a tenant to sign for a package, mail carriers can simply leave the tenant’s package in a locker. Tenants are able to pick up their packages at their convenience rather than having to make sure they are home when packages are due to be delivered or traveling across town to pick them up from the post office during opening hours.

Your mail carriers will be grateful for parcel lockers as well since they will be able to cut delivery costs by being able to deliver packages to one centralized location rather than individual apartment doors or houses. This is also better for the environment since mail carriers don’t have to drive from house to house in a neighborhood, reducing the use of gas.

Who Can Deliver to Parcel Lockers?

Only the USPS can deliver packages to parcel lockers. They will use them to deliver packages that are too small to fit in standard mailboxes. After a tenant has used the parcel locker key to retrieve their package from a parcel locker, only a USPS postal worker will be able to remove the parcel locker key with a master key. This ensures that your packages are kept safe and secure.

Salsbury Industries carries several types of parcel lockers that are all USPS-approved, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

Types of Parcel Lockers You Can Purchase

One type of parcel locker that you can order from Salsbury Industries is a Standard 4C Parcel Locker. These lockers are manufactured by Salsbury Industries to USPS-STD-4C specificationsUSPS standard 4C requires a minimum of one parcel locker for every five tenant compartments. 4C Horizontal Mailboxes are made of heavy-duty aluminum, which will help to keep your packages safe. They are ideal for new construction and major renovation projects. They come in four colors—aluminum, bronze, sandstone, and black.

If you plan to place your parcel lockers outside, Outdoor Parcel Lockers (OPL’s) are available as well. Like our Standard 4C Parcel Lockers, these lockers are also made of heavy-duty aluminum. They come in sandstone, bronze, green, black, white, and gray. Each locker comes with a matching pedestal, making installation easy. They are great for both commercial and residential developments. To add a touch of class to your development, check out our elegant Regency Decorative Outdoor Parcel Lockers.

Now that you have a better idea of what parcel lockers are and how greatly they will benefit tenants and mail carriers, you are ready to select the parcel lockers that would best suit your community. Click here to pick out the parcel lockers that will keep your mail carriers and tenants happy with package delivery that is easy and secure.