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USPS vs. Private Delivery for Commercial and Residential Developments

April 19, 2022

When trying to select the right mail delivery option for your commercial or residential development, it can be tricky to be sure you’re making the right choices. One important decision you have to make is whether you’ll opt for USPS or private delivery for your specific location.


For commercial and residential developments, the majority of people opt for USPS delivery and get their mail from the US postal service. Private delivery mailboxes are for those who are not using the USPS to deliver their mail. Private delivery is commonly used within a company, for a private postal mailbox delivery service, or on a military base or college campus that has its own mailroom or staff.


Whichever delivery type you choose, Salsbury Industries will be able to provide a mailbox system that will suit your needs. Hopefully, this guide will help you to determine which type of mailbox and delivery will best suit your commercial or residential property.


Mailboxes for USPS Delivery


No matter whether your development is commercial or residential, Salsbury has a wide array of attractive mailboxes for you to choose from. Here are the different types of USPS approved mailboxes that meet or exceed USPS requirements and specifications.


Commercial Delivery



Salsbury Industries offers a complete line of USPS approved commercial mailboxes. They are designed for multi-tenant applications and U.S. postal workers will deliver mail to each bank of mailboxes. The postal carrier will put their arrow lock on the unit to open and close it to fill it with mail. There are a few different types of mailboxes to choose from, depending on your specifications.


Salsbury Industries manufactures USPS STD-4C horizontal mailboxes that are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. They are required for new construction and major renovations, with a “major renovation” referring to any situation in which the condition of the wall is being significantly modified where the existing wall-mounted mailboxes are currently installed. Horizontal 4C mailboxes are very durable and come in several sizes and colors (aluminum, bronze, sandstone, and black). For 4C mailboxes, the Postal Service requires one parcel locker for every five mailboxes. Configurations vary in the number of compartments and parcel lockers so you will be able to find the right size for your building. 

If you’re looking for an attractive mailbox that’s simple to install, a Salsbury Cluster Box Unit (CBU) might be the right fit for your development. CBUs are freestanding and include a pedestal. CBUs include 4, 8, 12, 13, or 16 mailbox compartments with one, two (2), or four (4) fully integrated parcel lockers. Every model comes in bronze, sandstone, green, white, black, and gray (for replacement units only). A particularly elegant option is our Regency Decorative Cluster Mailboxes.


If you’re replacing your mailbox with the same type of mailbox or doing minor repairs, a 4B mailbox could be a good option for you. They are designed for replacement and retrofit installations. This means that you wouldn’t be making any changes to the rough opening where the existing wall-mounted mailboxes are currently installed. 4B  mailboxes are only acceptable to the USPS if they are purchased for replacement or retrofit applications—not for newly developed properties.




Residential Delivery


Salsbury Industries also carries a complete line of USPS approved post mounted mailboxes designed for curbside delivery. There are a variety of locking and non-locking styles. They can be installed in the ground and secured with concrete or bolted to already existing concrete. As with commercial mailboxes, there are a few different types to choose from, depending on your needs.


Heavy Duty Rural mailboxes are made of aluminum and available in 4 popular colors, black, white, bronze and sandstone.  Roadside mailboxes are also made of heavy-duty aluminum and feature front and rear access locking doors. 


Cluster Box Units are also available in standard and Regency decorative styles. Your mail carrier will thank you for choosing a CBU for your residential community since it is much easier for them to deliver mail to one centralized location rather than driving from house to house.

Mailboxes for Private Delivery


If you decide to use private delivery for your business, Salsbury Industries has you covered. Salsbury carries a complete line of commercial mailboxes for private distribution. This means a private individual (non-USPS employee) will be delivering your mail. These products are often used in universities, colleges, commercial buildings, private postal centers, military bases, government agencies, and several other applications.


On front loading mailboxes, your order will include a factory-installed master commercial lock that will allow access to the unit through one master door opening. 4C Horizontal, CBUs, and 4B mailboxes can be used for both USPS delivery and private delivery. Commercial mailboxes for private distribution are also available in Aluminum Style, Brass Style Americana, and Free-Standing units. 


Aluminum style mailboxes come in a variety of configurations and mail can be delivered through rear loading compartments. They include standard key locks and some of them can be customized to accept custom lock cylinders, combination locks, thumb latches, and spring latch locks. Standard system mailboxes are rear loading units designed to stack two (2) high and mount adjacent to each other or between wall studs. Rack ladder system mailboxes and data distribution boxes (with standard slots) are rear loading units that are designed to be installed in rack ladders. Rack ladders support five (5) units to form a column of mailboxes. 4B Horizontal mailboxes are available as front and rear loading units and come in a variety of configurations and door sizes, so you will be sure to get the one that works best for you. 4B Vertical mailboxes are front loading units and are available as surface mounted or recessed mounted units.






Brass style Americana mailboxes are available in a variety of configurations as well. Your mail will be delivered through front loading panels or rear loading compartments. Americana mailboxes include standard key locks and like with the Aluminum style, some units can be customized to accept thumb latches. Americana mailboxes have aluminum die-cast doors and are also available in four (4) unique configurations. Front loading Americana mailboxes include solid rear covers and rear loading Americana mailboxes have open backs.


Free-standing mailboxes make mail delivery and collection easy. Mail package drops and mail chests are made entirely of aluminum and have tenant access doors on the front and rear of each unit. Courier boxes have a large collection area and provide convenience when it comes to depositing and collecting mail, documents, small packages, and other items.



It can be a very difficult task making the many decisions related to the mail for your commercial or residential development. Now you are well-equipped to decide which mail delivery is right for you and your development. You’re ready to select the right mailboxes, be it USPS or private delivery. If you’re looking to have USPS delivery to your development, click here if your development is a commercial one, and here if it’s residential. If your commercial development is going to have mail delivered privately, click here so you can select the perfect mailbox for your needs.