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How to Open a Cluster Mailbox Unit Without a Key

November 17, 2023

You have made the decision to purchase cluster mailboxes for your community and are excited to open it up so you can locate your individual compartment keys. That way, you can get started with distributing these new keys to your community’s residents. Unfortunately, the Arrow Lock your postal carrier will use to open the unit's entire front panel isn’t installed yet.

Well, don’t worry! You will be pleased to know that there is a quick and easy way to open a cluster mailbox without a key so that you can retrieve your residents’ individual keys. Here are the simple steps you need to follow to access your unit and keys:


Step 1: Identify and open the access door.

The access door will be located in the middle of the unit. Pull open the access door using the hole where the USPS Arrow Lock goes.





Step 2: Open the Master Door Panel.

Once the access door is open, identify the latch on the upper right. Push upward on the latch to open the master door panel.





Step 3: Open the second master door panel.

After you open the master door panel, you will be able to push upward on the latch again to open the second master door panel.





Step 4: Locate your individual compartment keys.

With the second master door panel open, you can now locate your keys and hardware inside the bottom left parcel compartment.





Step 5: Close your unit.

In order to close your unit, you will need to disengage the Hold Open Arm latches located at the top corners of each master door panel. Start by pushing up the latch found on the top left side of the master door panel, which will enable you to close that section. Once you hear the door click into place, repeat the process on the right-side master door panel to secure your unit.

Once your unit is completely closed, you’re all set! You can distribute the mail keys to your tenants or residents and get them looking forward to using the new cluster mailbox. Be sure to contact your local postmaster or visit the USPS website to set up an appointment and get your Arrow Lock installed.

You may feel overwhelmed by the process of getting your new cluster mailbox set up, but hopefully, these steps will help to make it a breeze. In minutes you will be ready to start handing out keys and getting that Arrow Lock installed.

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