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Aluminum Mailboxes - Data Distribution System



Product Number Product Name Product
Specifications Download
BIM Revit
2406 6 #1 Doors
2404 4 #2 Doors
2402 2 #3 Doors
2401 1 #4 Door

Product Name 2 Unit Hight Installation 3 Unit Hight Installation 4 Unit Hight Installation 5 Unit Hight Installation 6 Unit Hight Installation
Aluminum Mailbox - Data Distribution System Models

View 3D (BIM) Models – 2 Door High System Installation

View 3D (BIM) Models – 3 Door High System Installation

View 3D (BIM) Models – 4 Door High System Installation

View 3D (BIM) Models – 5 Door High System Installation

View 3D (BIM) Models – 6 Door High System Installation

3D Virtual Product Library – Aluminum Mailboxes-Data Distribution System

The 3D models above are for viewing reference only. To view additional models and other configurations that fit your project installation requirements, please download the Revit (BIM) models via the links located in the tables above and import into your project.

Architects and other industry professionals: The technology displayed in the window above is that of the Autodesk® A360 platform. This model library is intended to be a quick reference resource for product dimension, basic installation and BIM information only. All real time reviewing, collaboration and downloading functionality has been disabled.

Non-industry professionals: You can explore the tools located within the window above to quickly view these 3D models.

How to use the viewer:

  • To orbit around model: Click and drag your left mouse button.
  • To pan side-to-side / up and down: Click and drag the wheel on your mouse.
  • To zoom in/out: Roll your mouse wheel.
  • The Cube cube icon (upper right corner of window): Click on corners, edges and faces of this icon to change angles of model.
  • The House house icon (upper right corner of window): Click this icon to escape all views and go back to the default position.

All users: To view additional tools, convert the view to full screen mode by clicking this icon full screen icon within the window above.