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Salsbury 4C Custom Horizontal Mailboxes - Front or Rear Loading

Model # 3700C-P

Made of heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel hardware, Salsbury 3700 series 4C custom horizontal mailboxes and fully integrated parcel lockers are available as front loading or rear loading units and are designed for indoor or outdoor use.  Front loading units include an outgoing mail compartment and an access door with a master commercial lock.  The unit incorporates a solid closed back.  On rear loading units, the outgoing mail compartment is comprised of two (2) or three (3) fixed panels and there is no master lock access door.  The back of the unit incorporates heavy duty door(s) with latches and continuous hinges.  Units are available in a standard powder coated aluminum, bronze, black or sandstone finish.  Custom colors are available as an option upon request..

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More Information

4C Custom Horizontal Mailboxes - Front or Rear Loading
Following simple guidelines, custom units can be configured with a combination of varying sizes of mailbox doors and parcel locker doors.

1)  Determine the number of openings required using MB1, MB2, MB3 and MB4 mailbox doors and PL3, PL4, PL4.5, PL5 and PL6 parcel locker doors.

 Custom 4C door size
Custom 4C parcel locker door size
Note 1: MB1 is the smallest mailbox door available and MB4 is the largest mailbox door available.
Note 2: PL3 is the smallest parcel locker door available and PL6 is the largest parcel locker door available.

2)  Configure your requirements into a double or single column unit.

 Custom 4C Double   Single Column   Private
Note 1: Configure your requirements into a one wide (single column) or two (2) wide (double column) unit and into equivalent standard mailbox door heights.
Note 2: The outgoing mail compartment (OM2 and OM3) includes the master commercial lock and cannot be used for mail distribution.

3)  Specify front or rear loading. 

Contact us for rough opening dimensions and layout specifications.

4)  Specify Standard or Custom Color.

4C Color Options
Contact us for more information about making your mailboxes a custom color.  Click to view custom colors for 4C Horizontal Mailboxes


  • Combination Locks
  • Mail Slots
  • Plexiglass Windows


  • 4C Standard Horizontal Mailbox Video