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Salsbury 4B+ Custom Horizontal Mailboxes - Front or Rear Loading - USPS Access

Model # 3600U

Made entirely of aluminum, Salsbury 3600 series U.S.P.S. approved 4B+ custom horizontal mailboxes and parcel lockers are available in front loading or rear loading units.  Front loading units swing on a continuous hinge with one mailbox opening required for a master postal lock that cannot be used for mail distribution and include a solid rear cover.  On rear loading units, all openings are usable (master postal lock not required) and include a removable rear cover.  All units include factory installed 3/4" W x 1/4" D trim.  Each aluminum mailbox door includes a five (5) pin cylinder cam lock with two (2) keys and a 2" W x 5/8" H clear plastic card holder (card included) to identify the tenant’s name and/or box number.

4B+ custom horizontal mailboxes can integrate different combinations of mailbox and parcel locker door sizes and include a standard powder coated aluminum, bronze or sandstone finish.  Custom colors are available as an option upon request.

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More Information

4B Custom Horizontal Mailboxes - Front or Rear Loading. 
*** 3600 Series 4B mailboxes are approved for replacement and/or retrofit installations.  For new construction and major renovations, please see 4C horizontal mailboxes. ***
Following simple guidelines, custom units can be configured with a combination of varying sizes of mailbox doors and parcel locker doors.

1)  Determine the number of openings required using 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'D' mailbox doors and 'PL2', 'PL3' and 'PL4' parcel locker doors.

 4B_ Door Sizes
Note 1:  'A' Door is the smallest mailbox door available and 'D' Door is the largest mailbox door available.
Note 2:  'PL2' is the smallest parcel locker door available and 'PL4' is the largest parcel locker door available.

2) Configure requirements to fit a minimum of 2W x 3H standard 'A' doors to a maximum of 5W x 7H standard 'A' doors.



4B  Sample Custom Unit
Note 1:  If front loading, door panel swings on a continuous hinge.  One mailbox opening ('A' and 'B' doors only) is required for a master postal lock and cannot be used for mail distribution.  Units include factory installed 3/4" W x 1/4" D trim and a solid rear cover.
Note 2:  If rear loading, all openings are usable (master postal lock not required).  Unites include factory installed 3/4" W x 1/4" D trim and a removable rear cover.
Note 3:  Tenant locks in the top row of mailboxes must be no more than 67" above the finished floor and the bottom shelf of the lowest row of mailboxes must be no less than 28" above the finished floor.  For front loading installations, the U.S.P.S. master arrow lock must be a minimum of 36" and a maximum of 48" above the finished floor.  The bottom shelf of parcel lockers must be at least 15" above the finished floor.

3)  Specify front or rear loading.

Contact us for rough opening dimensions or layout specifications.

4)  Specify Standard or Custom Color.

Contact us for more information about making your mailboxes a custom color.  Click to view all available custom colors for 4B Horizontal Mailboxes.


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